One Reason Why You Are Happy Today: Interview With OneReason


Have you heard of OneReason yet? It’s a heart-warming project by Sevara Rasulova, who approaches strangers on the street to ask them a question: what is just one reason why you are happy today?

Considering the current circumstances, it’s important to focus our attention to the good things that are happening in our life, and take it day by day. This is exactly what OneReason seeks to achieve – using TikTok, and her warm personality.

Originally from Uzbekistan, Sevara started the project to remind herself and others that “no matter what is going on in our lives we can always find something good to focus on“. Having only started posting the videos a couple of months ago, she has already amassed hundreds of thousands of followers on TikTok and Instagram. It goes to show that in a time of a global pandemic this is exactly the type of content we need in our lives.

What made you start onereason?

It started when I couldn’t find a job for a while and all I was focusing my attention on was that I don’t have a job. Along with a few hours on social media, it made me feel bad because I could see so many people living their best life and enjoying their youth. I understand that not everything is as black and white and that Instagram is like a magazine with pretty pictures that sometimes have nothing to do with real life. I noticed that focusing on what is missing in my life doesn’t actually help and I tried to switch my attention on things that fulfil me, make me happy and bring joy. I also did a free course on Coursera called the Science of Well-being which helped a lot in terms of understanding happiness from a scientific point of view. I genuinely started to feel better, and then closer to November I had an idea of filming people naming just one reason why they are happy that day and posting it online. I thought it would help both people who I ask in person as well as someone who will see it online. The question makes your brain analyse your day and find moments when you felt good. And once someone starts noticing positive moments, more good situations and people will be attracted to them. I have received so many lovely messages and support since the beginning of the project and it makes me happy to know that it makes so many people find their own reason for happiness. 

What is your process? 

I usually do a few videos in a day and then post them throughout the week. I look out for people who are not in a rush. I ask for their consent before I film them. Most of the time I post everyone who I filmed but sometimes there are technical issues with the video and I cannot post some of the videos. I also try to be inclusive of all nationalities as I want to hear from people from all backgrounds.

Do you find approaching random people on the street stressful? 

I would not say it is stressful as I understand that not everyone has time to do it or not everyone wants to be filmed.

What has been your favourite answer from someone so far? 

Honestly, I do not have favourites because all reasons are personal and beautiful. But out of all that I thought about it is being healthy. Just because sometimes we take our health for granted and when something is not right with your physical body or mental health it affects everything else. 

And finally, can you name one reason why you’re happy today? 

I am happy today because I received many responses from people who agreed for 3 minutes zoom call to name their reason for happiness while we are in lockdown 

When there are few good things happening in the world and in our lives, it’s nice to be reminded that there are still things to cherish and be happy about. OneReason is a wonderful project that will brighten your day, and an inspiration for staying positive as we plod through yet another lockdown.

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