About Inksight

Fast and slow news, investigative pieces and features, interviews & more. 

Stories that bring injustices to light, that hold power to account, and amplify underrepresented topics and voices.

Inksight is an online magazine that started in the summer of 2020. We are dedicated to raising awareness of and discussing topics that we believe deserve more attention.  

Here you will find articles and creative writing on topics that matter – social issues, feminism, politics, mental health, climate change, cultural criticism, and more. 



Why Inksight?

Inksight is a play on the words ‘ink’ and ‘insight’. Although no actual ink is involved, the articles we publish are written to provide an insight into important, often complex topics.



Founder – Aleksandra Zolczynska

Aleksandra graduated from the University of Exeter with a BA in Liberal Arts (mostly history). She is passionate about writing fiction and non-fiction, and likes to procrastinate writing her novel in her spare time.

You can find her on Twitter @AleksZolcz and Instagram @azolcz

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