Is there something important you want to talk about? A topic you feel is under-represented? Something that enrages you, that demands attention? Or perhaps, something less serious that would fit within our magazine’s themes?

You have found the right place. You don’t have to be a professional writer to be featured, in fact, Inksight is particularly looking for individuals who are at the beginning of their creative careers, or have no experience in writing and simply want their voice to be heard. We want to help new talent be heard and seen.

Submission guidelines 



We are looking for articles that relate to social issues, feminism, politics, the environment, pop culture criticism, mental health, personal stories, and other important issues that need more attention.

Book and film reviews, and history articles within the above themes are also welcome.

We are not too strict on the length, as long as the chosen topic is discussed and/or analysed in sufficient depth for a general online audience.

Creative Writing

  • Short stories in any genre of up to 3000 words.
  • Life writing of up to 3000 words.
  • Poetry of up to two A4 pages. 
  • We ask that all creative writing relates to the themes mentioned above.

Call for specific submissions

If you cannot decide what to write about, here are a few topics we would like to publish in the near future (feel free to select one and email us a pitch for it).

  • Racism in the British media.
  • Living with chronic illness / pain.
  • How lockdown has affected your mental health and relationships.
  • Experiences of life as an immigrant.
  • Government corruption.
  • Sexual harassment.

June – LGBTQ+ 

For the upcoming Pride month, we are looking for article, poetry, and short story submissions on LGBTQ+ themes. Please see above for guidelines on word count and further details.


Please write to us at to pitch your idea, or email us with your work attached in word file if you already have something that fits our themes.

* At the moment, all submissions to Inksight are entirely voluntary as the magazine is run not-for-profit and does not have a budget. Hopefully, this will change as the magazine grows.