Announcement! Changes To The Inksight Magazine


Welcome back to Inksight Magazine! This is a short annoucement to let you know that after some deliberation, we decided to scrap the monthly-theme and issue approach. From this day onwards, articles will be published in a more on-the-go kind of way.

This decision was based on the fact that a thematic approach felt too constricting, and we felt there are far too many pressing topics we would be missing out on if we continued.

Since there are no more themes and monthly issues, the criteria for submissions are now wider, and there will be no deadlines! At the moment, we are particularly interested in submissions related to the following topics:

  • Feminism
  • Politics
  • Pop culture criticism
  • Book reviews
  • Creative writing
  • Less serious articles also welcome!

Please see out submissions page for further details and how to submit.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

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