‘Apologise to my Boyfriend’ by Rebecca Harrington


This week, we have another powerful poem about one woman’s experience of sexual harassment. This poem was written in response to a harassment incident, where the author was groped in a club by a man who apologised to her boyfriend instead of apologising to her.

A red handprint found its way, 

stained my skirt too short

in toxic masculinity, burning

through my body low cut

like acid, and brandished me a prize.

Tight t-shirts and nice teeth and

I follow the code of saying

thank you 

when the venom spat between their 

curling lips makes of me a pretty girl,

and after all, that’s what I should be.

So I smile lipstick

but they breathe past me – 

through me, a pretty ghost

– to tell my boyfriend he 

dropped his woman that slut

in the way of their conquest. 

You can find Rebecca Harrington on Instagram: @_beccaful, and at her online magazine that publishes fiction and non-fiction stories: www.foreverendeavour.uk

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